What is Family Connect?

Family Connect is our secure family communications platform hosted by our electronic medical records vendor Medtelligent.

Family Connect allows our families a way to securely view latest updates about the community, view the medical records of their family member, and pay their bills. All are part of a secure and HIPAA compliant portal that allows us to have seamless communication between our staff and family members.

Log In To Family Connect

Get Secure Updates

  • Secure updates about the community and your family member
  • A resident and community photo gallery

  • Community menus for the season

Family Connect allows us to provide a secure way to share updates about the community and your family member.

Much like with Facebook or other social media platforms, our communications board will have posts providing updates of current events, resident outing in the community, and the current menu.

It’s a way for us to give families a deeper understanding of our community and gives them more frequent updates than we otherwise could.

Online Billpay

Family Connect also allows us to accept ACH and credit card payments for monthly invoices. By enrolling in Family Connect and electronic payments, you can see all of your historical invoices, view current charges, and pay your monthly bills.

View Medical Records

Easily view your family member’s medical records and medications to confirm accuracy.

Family connect is directly integrated with our electronic medical records system, so what you see is what we see.

This feature allows us to ensure all of our medical records are as up-to-date as possible.