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Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-23T14:04:32-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the respite care flex package?2022-11-23T15:19:55-05:00

Our flex package offering for respite care allows caregivers to purchase blocks of time and use our respite care services over time. By purchasing blocks of time, it provides flexibility and a discount on the daily respite care rate. Once you purchase your respite care package, you simply reserve the days you need. The reservations are subject to availability, but we will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests. While there is a maximum of 14 consecutive days for any one stay, you are able to purchase as up to 30 days at a time in increments of one week for our flex package. Please keep in mind that packages must be used within 12 months of purchase, and are nonrefundable.

Flex packages:


7 Day Block

$ 165 /day

10% Discount

$ 152 /day

14 Day Block

$ 165 /day

13% Discount

$ 145 /day

21 Day Block

$ 165 /day

19% Discount

$ 135 /day

30 Day Block

$ 165 /day

25% Discount

$ 125 /day

What is respite care?2022-11-23T14:40:39-05:00

Caring for someone with health issues, mobility issues, or memory issues can be incredibly taxing on family and other caregivers. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting, and sometimes caregivers need a break. There is no shame in needing rest and alone time. Sometimes caregivers need to travel out of town and are unable to take their loved one with them. Respite care offers support for those caregivers. Respite Care residents are able to stay with us from 1-14 days while their caregivers attend to other responsibilities, or simply get a break. While in respite care, their family member will be cared for just like any of our other residents. All care and meals will be provided, and the health and safety of their family member will be ensured.

Do you offer respite care?2022-11-23T14:35:49-05:00

Yes! We provide respite care for caregivers. The admissions process is similar to our long-term residents, but once complete, respite care residents are able to stay with us as often as they like. Our respite care rate as of November 2022 is $165 per 24 hours.

What types of occupancy do you offer?2022-11-23T14:33:41-05:00

We offer large rooms that are able to be used for single or double occupancy. In unique circumstances we are able to offer triple occupancy on occasion.

What does it mean that you are a “for benefit” company?2022-11-23T14:31:29-05:00

As with LLCs and For-Profit Corporations, Benefit Corporations are a type of legal structure for businesses. Benefit corporations have been growing in popularity around the country for a number of years. For benefit corporations have been in existence in some states for over a decade, and Georgia enacted legislation in January of 2021 that allowed for the creation of Benefit Corporations. Basically, in addition to making a reasonable profit, Benefit Corporations are able to look beyond the bottom line and focus on activities that don’t necessarily maximize financial profit, but are important for the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. It hard-codes ethical considerations into a company’s legal structure. Each Benefit Corporation can define their own mission and societal benefit. Front Porch of Bowdon is dedicated to pursuing activities that support improved care for seniors and those who care for them.

What services does the community provide?2022-11-23T14:24:02-05:00

We offer all-inclusive assisted living/personal care and dementia care services, as well as respite care services billed at a daily rate. All utilities and meals are included. Residents are only responsible for room furnishings, unless a furnished room is arranged, any personal belongings, medications, medical equipment, and any consumable medical supplies (e.x. depends/briefs/diapers, bed pad/chucks, etc).

Do you take Medicaid?2022-11-23T14:19:44-05:00

While we would love to be able to assist every elder who wants to live in our community, we are unfortunately unable to accept Medicaid payments at this time and are strictly a private pay community. We hope to expand our offerings in the future.

Do you accept insurance?2022-11-23T14:17:51-05:00

We accept a limited number of insurance payments. Primarily those with private Long-term Care Insurance, and residents receiving Veterans Administration benefits. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicaid payments at this time.

How is pricing determined?2022-11-23T14:16:13-05:00

Pricing is based on a number of factors. We strive to be open and transparent with our pricing, so we will disclose the reasoning behind any charges. Our pricing is determined by a care assessment done prior to admission, on an annual basis after admission, and any time there is a significant change in health status (e.x. admission to the hospital). Every resident is different, and their needs are different. Some residents require very little assistance, and thus we are able to charge a lower rate as the staffing resources would be lower. A resident requiring a large amount of support will require more staffing resources and will require a higher rate.

Are you a licensed senior living community?2022-11-23T14:11:43-05:00

Yes! We are licensed personal care home with the Georgia Department of Community Health. Our permit number is PCH009353.

Will my monthly bill vary?2022-11-23T14:00:04-05:00

No. We offer transparent and all-inclusive pricing. Under normal circumstances, your bill will remain consistent unless there is a chance in health condition requiring an increase in service needs. A payer will be notified in advance of any adjustments to the regular monthly bill.

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